Review of Canon Pixma MG3520 Printer

Great For Small Spaces 

Between my two teenage sons and their school projects, and my scrapbooking hobby, we have been through our fair share of printers. I learned a long time ago that spending a ton of money on a printer is self-defeating. Just because a certain brand costs a lot of money does not mean that it's going to print beautifully and never come with its share of problems. Even the most well-known printer manufacturers put out dud's every now and then, and believe me when I say I have been the unfortunate owner of plenty of them. I wouldn't call myself a technology savvy person, but I do know what works and doesn't work for me and my family.

Canon Pixma MG3520

Tech Specs 

Before I get into the pros of the Canon Pixma MG3520, I'll list the technical mumbo-jumbo for all you techno-inclined people out there reading this. It's all Greek to me, but here you go: 

  1. The Canon Pixma MG3520 comes with WiFi, so if you happen to be sitting across the room from your printer and you need to make some copies, you can do this through your Apple mobile devices connected to the same network. (I believe AirPrint-enabled is the technical word for it.) Our printer is situated on my desk in our living room, but my children have printed many documents from the comfort of their own bedrooms. A word of caution: It would be wise for those people in other rooms to give you a heads-up before they start printing since this printer tends to be kind of loud when it starts up, which might startle you if you're sitting next to it and not expecting it. 
  2. The Canon Pixma MG3520 has three basic functions: copy, print, and scan. It's very light, weighing in at only twelve pounds, and it's also compact (6 X 18 X 12 inches), so it can fit most anywhere. The control panel is situated on the left top side of the printer and houses the start button, a button for switching paper sizes, and a color and black-and-white scan buttons. There are also fit to page and set-up buttons. 
  3. The Canon Pixma MG3520 price tag is anywhere from $80 to $90, depending on which retailer you purchase it from, and if you purchase ink cartridges from the manufacturer, you could spend anywhere from $20 to $60. 

Okay, now that the big stuff is out of the way, let me tell you why I love this printer. First of all, it's simple to use, and I'm all about simplicity. Secondly, it costs far less than most printers on the market today, and when you're on a strict budget, like our family, then low price is key. Thirdly, for a printer on the low-end price range, the print quality is excellent. I'm a scrapbooking enthusiast, so picture quality means a great deal to me, and our little Canon Pixma has never let me down. Overall opinion? You won't be disappointed. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr)