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4Inkjets Promo Codes

For as long as I have known 4 Inkjets, they provide fantastic discounts on their already low-priced printer ink, laser toner, and ink cartridges. Remanufactured ink at is often discounted up to  76% compared to original ink.  If you buy products worth of $50 or more you get free shipping. And if you use one of their special discount codes you get 10% or more off sitewide. So, these are pretty cool deals.

Coupon Codes for 4Inkjets

Save 10%  plus Free Shipping on all US Orders (excludes Hardware & OEM Items)

Use this Coupon Code


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123Inkjets Promo Codes

123Inkjets is perhaps America's most favorable online store for printer ink cartridges. Not only do they make shopping for printer supplies really easy, they offer huge discounts.  At 123 Inkjets, you will pay for printer ink and toner 75% less  than if you buy it directly from the brand manufacturer. As if the price is not low enough, they offer free shipping and a 10-15% off discount code for all products. This is why for most people, shopping from 123Inkjets is a no-brainer deal.

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Churning Gold From Garbage: MIT Scientist Turns Air Pollution Into Printer Ink


Take a moment away from your computer. Put down that smartphone for a few minutes and look outside the window. What do you see? If you live in a metropolitan area, possibly a big city or an industrial town- 56% of the world's urban population live in such areas – you will see swirls of dark smoke merging ever so slightly with greyish cumulo-nimbus clouds. A sign that the wheels that run the world's economy are still turning. And if you listen keenly, you will hear the bustling and the hustling of traffic as motorists purr their way around the city.

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How to Make My Printer Spend Less Ink

printers ink

We are living in a largely mechanized world whereby it has become impossible to get things done without the use and help of appliances. Technology has provided us with comforts and has largely been a boon to human existence. But there is a cost involved—both on a financial (personal) as well as an environmental level (on a macro level) to keep the machines up and running. Keeping in mind the importance of developing environment friendly practices that are easy on the pocket, I have listed a few ways here that can ensure the your printers expend less ink.

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Review of Canon Pixma MG5620 All-In-One – Prints Both Sides

The Canon Pixma MG5620 is a high quality printer and scanner with excellent features. It is ideal for home print but can also be used in offices without high requirements and is compatible with a variety of digital devices. If you are looking for an efficient product that is affordable and still gives exceptional output, you will find this product to be a perfect fit. Canon is a reliable manufacturer with a track record of durable items within the technological field. This item is no exception; it has been produced with prolonged service to the user.

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