About Tom

Hi there, my name’s Tom.

I’ve been running my own business for years now, and I’m glad to say it’s going pretty well. A little while ago I discovered that I needed everything to be in perfect order when it came to my office supplies. Sounds weird, but I couldn’t manage things unless I knew that everything was available, and refilled as regards stock.

Tom BuheloOne of my biggest bugbears was the ink that I used in my printers. I found it difficult to get the best prices I could from suppliers; the market was just too saturated. I searched high and low for good and honest suppliers of high quality ink cartridges, as well as refilled cartridges. And I wanted to find all of this at a price that suited my budget. You know how it is when you run your own business, every cent counts.

So anyway, I found 4inkjets.com and 123.inkjets.com and all my problems were dealt with. These guys knew what to do, and how to get inexpensive ink to me as quickly as possible. The customer service was fantastic, and on top of all of that, I couldn’t complain about the prices even if I tried.

Then, even better, I managed to get my hands on some excellent discount deals and coupons that would make it easy for anyone to find the best inkjet packages available. These two companies pride themselves on providing the best deals on the market, and I can vouch for their speed and their customer service. They know how to make the customer happy.

Take a look around the site and then take advantage of the great deals I have found for you. If you’re struggling with ensuring that you get the best in printing consumables, this is the place for you.


Josh (email: Tom ((at)) buhelo.com)